Heartspace Gardens

I found a measure of peace and sanity in my garden after the death of my baby daughter. Since then I have enjoyed designing and creating gardens that hold special meaning, are a refuge, a place to connect with others, and with nature, and a space to simply BE.

Garden Consultation

Consultations are ideal when you are keen to create your own healing garden, and would like professional advice to get you started.
This service is best for small, basic projects, or for changes to sections of your garden.

Garden Design

Everyone is different and so the design of your garden will be unique. It will reflect who you are, what you need to heal, and what will provide you with feelings of security and sanctuary.
After a meeting to get to know you, a concept brief and plan will be prepared to ensure that all the elements that you desire for your garden will be included in the design and you are happy with the results.
The final plan will then be drawn up, and will include plant selections, planting plan, maintenance schedule and other information as required, to create your beautiful garden.

Garden Care

A beautiful garden needs help to stay that way!
Life can get in the way, and time seems a rare commodity. Caring for your garden may seem a low priority.
You may be missing out on the soothing and healing benefits of your garden.
If you'd prefer to come home from a stressful day and gardening is just another thing on your To-Do list, sit back and relax! We got this!
We can take regular care of your garden and bring it back to being the peaceful, restful place you'd like to enjoy, without the hard work.

Garden Buddy

For when you need that bit of extra help in the garden.
Maybe you don’t know where to start, or your garden has become an overwhelming job. You may not have the skills to do certain tasks, or maybe you just need some motivation.
I can work alongside you, showing you the ropes, or helping with the heavy lifting for however long you need me. You do the gardening you enjoy and I'll do the things you'd rather avoid. Together we can have your garden looking amazing in less time than on your own, giving you the chance to relax and enjoy your garden instead of just working in it.
This is a great service too, if your budget may not stretch to a gardener doing it all for you.

Garden Care Packages

Customised combination of services to suit your unique requirements.
Details coming soon.

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