About Me

My name is Leesa Hart and I am a certified Grief Recovery Method™ Specialist, Life Coach and Landscape Designer. How does that all work together?

My Journey

Like most people I have experienced numerous losses, upheavals and unexpected, unwanted changes through my life.

The one that impacted me the most was the death of my one-year-old daughter. To say this rocked my world would be an understatement. It was more like my world has been tipped on its axis.

Here’s what I have discovered since then:
It is totally impossible to tilt my world back to the position it was in. The heart-breaking, soul-destroying, planet-disrupting death of my daughter irrevocably changed my world.

Sad news is - my life will never be the same.
Happy news - is I’ve created my life around that new angle of my tilted world and it is GOOD!

For me this meant a deep dive into nature and all the benefits to be gained emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually by reconnecting with the natural environment.

From there I began recreating elements of it within gardens to nurture me, beginning with a little garden on the small, bare grave of my daughter. Creating healing spaces within my gardens since then has meant I have had access to these benefits wherever I live.

Landscape Design

I gained qualifications in horticulture and landscape design to enable me to create healing garden spaces for others. In 2019 I won a silver award for my show garden ‘Healing Hearts’ at the Perth Garden Festival. This garden was symbolic of my own journey through grief and it resonated with many people.

Garden Consultation

Garden Design

Garden Care Packages

Garden Buddy

Mentoring & Grief Recovery

Personal Development Mentoring and the Grief Recovery Method ™ have enabled me to sort the chaos my heart and mind had accumulated over the years and gain perspective, clarity and discover what I am passionate about, what is most important to me, who I need to be and how I can best contribute in the world.

All of those things combined now see me at the happiest, most content and at peace that I have ever been. They are tools that have helped me, and that I can use in the future to get through any more ‘tilts’.

If my life was a rose garden there would be thorns amongst the roses, and yet the roses would still be glorious. From time to time there may be pests and diseases that need dealing with, hard pruning to be done regularly and then there’s all that ‘manure' that gets piled on! But all of it helps the roses grow even stronger and more beautiful.

It would be my honour to help you through grief, loss and challenging change to design and create a life (or a garden!) that is meaningful and unique to you, that brings clarity to your mind, and gives you purpose and passion, joy and peace of heart.

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